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Denied Bees' Moderator Application c:

Discussion in 'Denied Moderator Applications' started by Bees, Sep 27, 2018.

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  1. Bees

    Bees New Member

    Sep 27, 2018
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    Applicant Questions

    Minecraft Username:

    Discord Username:


    I am originally from France, and I currently live in Texas.
    Time zone:
    Central Time Zone.
    What language(s) do you fluently speak? Are you learning any new languages?
    I can fluently speak English and ASL and my French is decent.
    General Questions

    Your skills:
    I'm extremely dedicated and I love helping out when I can. I'm very open to any form of criticism and rarely get genuinely upset. I believe I have exceptional people skills, and I'm great with following rules. Another one of my strengths is adapting to forms of change even when they're unexpected.

    Why should we choose you?:
    I'm experienced with being staff not only in online situations, but real life situations as well. I have the ability to make sure rules are followed but make sure that the enjoyment of the server is not lost. I'm very friendly and spirited, and I don't mind any tasks if they're in order to put the community in a better place. Along with being great at following rules I'm also not afraid to stand up for what is right when problems arise, without being aggressive or harsh. If I am chosen to be a member of staff, I will ensure that everything I do is for the benefit of this community as a whole, not any individual being.
    Previous experience:
    I previously owned 2 Terraria servers, as well being an Admin on Panther's Terraria Server. I was also a Co-Owner of a Team Fortress 2 Server as well as the Co-Owner of the CTS clan.

    Are you currently a staff member on other communities?:
    Currently, I am not.

    Are you currently in employment or education?:
    I am currently enrolled in high school with the intention to go to University Of North Texas.
    I am available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7:00-10:00 PM, Wednesday 5:00-10:00 PM, Saturdays all day with a few exceptions in the end of October and all day every Sunday.

    Activity on the network:
    Skyblock, The Adventure Server.

    Confirmation Questions

    Do you have a microphone? This is REQUIRED:

    Can you record proof?:

    Do you accept not to contact staff about your application?:

    Extra Questions

    About yourself (optional):
    I love to build large things in Minecraft, I love all forms of music, I love people and will make friends with anyone, and I am in the top 10 students of my high school (Academics)
  2. Lauren_Lawson

    Lauren_Lawson Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    May 13, 2018
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    Thank you for applying for the moderator position, however, I will be denying you at this time. Currently your application isn't close to our standards and isn't good enough for us to be confident to allow you to make further changes that'll reach our standards. Instead you will have to re-apply after two weeks from this denial - failure to wait two weeks before re-applying may result in a further two week wait/an instant denial.

    If you are interested in re-applying after two weeks then I suggest following the advice below:

    • Provide specific details in the previous experience question.
    • If you do not have experience with Minecraft staff teams then you can discuss experience outside of Minecraft that shares the same qualities and/or skills.
    • Provide more information about your strengths/weaknesses, e.g. how can this be beneficial or problematic, and how will you overcome any weaknesses.
    • Within 'Why should we choose you?' you should provide more depth/detail that will make us confident in your ability - your response is decent but you could explain some of your qualities (that may not come under your strengths).
    Hopefully you take on this advice and re-apply in the future making improvements. Checking out some accepted applications may be beneficial to see the standards we are looking for here at Skyblock City.

    Best of luck,

    ~ Lauren
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