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Rules Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Rules, Guidelines & Information' started by Cide, May 17, 2018.

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  1. Cide

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    Apr 25, 2018
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    Forum Rules
    These are the Skyblock City rules, updated since May 2018. Ensure to follow all of these rules on our forums/website, or you may be punished by a staff member; depending on the rule broken. These rules may be updated in the future, so ensure to check these rules regularly!

    1. Do not swear; do not swear in general or towards others. Censoring letters within a swear word is not allowed, however use of certain abbreviations is acceptable.
    2. Do not use racist or derogatory terms; do not use any racist or derogatory terms at all, even if the word has a different meaning.
    3. Do not use sexual terms; do not use any sexual terms at all, even if the word has a different meaning.
    4. Do not spam; do not spam the same/multiple messages for malicious/disruptive intent. This may also include full capitalization, spam bots, regular spam and spam posting.
    5. Do not use incorrect forum sections; keep to what the prime topic of the forum is meant for, e.g. the applications forum for applying as a staff member only.
    6. Do not cross-thread; do not create multiple threads for the purpose of redirecting to another post. If you need a staff member, wait patiently for a response or ask a staff member on our Discord community.
    7. Do not bump threads; do not constantly bump your thread to get a response. Wait patiently for a response or ask a staff member on our Discord community.
    8. Do not create argumentative or inappropriate discussions; do not create a discussion (threads/posts) to encourage drama or arguments (for malicious intent). If you have an issue with another user breaking the rules, create a player report. If you have an issue with a staff member abusing, create a staff report.
    9. Do not post inappropriate content; do not post any inappropriate links in threads/posts. This includes pornographic images, ‘screamers’, and any other malicious links.
    10. Do not use threaten or blackmail other users; do not use threats against other members. This may include terroristic, sexual, DDoS or cyber threats.
    11. Do not release personal information; do not release other users personal or sensitive information. This includes a ‘Dox’ on other members.
    12. Do not use inappropriate forum usernames; do not use any inappropriate forum usernames that may contain sexual, racial or offensive meaning/ terms.
    13. Do not disrespect other members; do not act disrespectful to other members, including using offensive terms against them. This includes staff members.
    14. No soliciting or advertising; do not advertise anything that is not related to Skyblock City. This includes advertising your social media, videos and anything else that is used to advertise yourself or other servers/ services.
    15. Do not use exploits/glitches; do not use any exploits in anyway. This includes site and external bugs. Report any exploits to a staff member.
    16. Do not evade a punishment; do not evade any forum bans at all. Wait out a temporary forum ban.

    These rules are to be followed at all times, by all members. Failure to do so may result in punishment, leading to a permanent ban on our forums. Our forums is a place for users to communicate and contribute within the community, not a place for users to act inappropriate or rude.

    If you believe there have been any mistakes or issues with these rules, then please contact a member of staff.

    Have fun!
    ~ Skyblock City; Leadership Team
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.