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Tutorial Forums Guide

Discussion in 'Help & Tutorials' started by Daycelo, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Forums Guidebook

    This guide will be based upon an pre-registered account to make things simpler. If you have not done so make sure to click the sign up button above this post!

    Here you see an overview of this thread. If you are looking for the answer to a specific question just jump to the topic you are interested in!:

    1. Account Basics
    2. Navagating the Forum

    1. Account Basics

    Asssuming you have already gone ahead and signed up for our lovely forum now let's get into the nitty-gritty of your account and all the features you can use to personalize your experience. This tutorial will be done on the desktop version but the mobile version is very similar (if not exact). If you look into the upper left hand corner you will see your username, an envelope/mailbox, and a flag icon (as seen below)


    By clicking upon the mailbox icon you a drop down menu will appear reveiling any private messages a user has sent you. As you can see in the image below, there are no messages waiting to be answered. However, by clicking the "Show All..." button you will be taken to view all your past messages. Next is the flag icon, otherwise known as the alerts notification. By pressing this button a drop down menu will display any recent notifications you have received. This may be anything from a reply to your post, to a new post from someone you are following. Either way, it's always exciting to see a new alert pop up!


    Last but not least by clicking upon your username you will be faced by quite a large drop down menu. This menu will give you access to everything you could ever need to accomplish with your account. On the left side of this drop down menu you will find all the account based links, while on the right you will find all the forum based links. As shown via the two images below. Finally, down upon the very bottom of the drop down menu will see a rapid way of updating your profile status. Just type it in, submit, and ta-da! You've got a new status.


    The left side of this menu will allow you to edit and information relating to your account. You can edit your profile picture, notification information, privacy settings, and more! The right side will give you details and settings relating to the forum itself such as viewing your followers/who you are following, managing your ratings, etc.

    2. Navigating the Forum

    You've made it to the forum and set up all the details of your account. Time to explore all we have to offer! When you first visit you will find a large amount of the information you may need about the server (staff, online status, social media, store link, etc.) without ever even needing to scroll down!

    Now, let's talk about the different sections of our forum. Each has a different use and we strongly recommend each user take a second to familiarize themselves with these uses as this will help you greatly if you ever need to post anything!


    • News & Announcements: Used by the owners of our wonderful server to post information on new events, features, gamemodes, etc. This is a good place to keep an eye on because it will keep you informed on all upcoming changes/events.
    • Rules, Guidelines, & Information: Rules, rules, and more rules... They can be a pain at times but they help keep our server friendly and fun. Go here if you would like to read up on our server standards, allowed motifications, and more.
    • Help and Tutorials: This is where you are right now! Our staff have created (and are in the process of creating) many helpful guidebooks on different features of our server.
    Server Discussion

    • Server Discussion: If you have any non-urgent questions, want to talk about something you are working on for your island, hype over new features being added to the server, etc. This is where you want to be!
    • Feedback and Suggestions: For those of you who love coming up with awesome possible improvements for our server this is where you should post them. Explain what your idea is and the reasons you feel it would be a good idea. (For example, "u shud put 1000 dias into me inv" would very likely not be considered. However a well planned out suggestion will very likely be considered and possibly even implemented into our server.)
    • Buy & Sell: This section is for users seeking to sell and/or buy items, gear, etc. Just post a forum describing what you are looking to buy/sell and let the offers come flying in.
    • Skyblock Recruitment: Need some more builders for a project? Or maybe just a fun-loving island member to chill with? Post a request here for users to apply/reply on!

    • Bug Reports: As with any servers, we have our fair share of bugs and glitches. If you have found an issue on the server please post it here with a bit of information about it so that our admins/owners can look into it and fix it. Make sure to use the correct format.
    • Player Reports: If you see someone breaking a rule and there is no staff members online to deal with it please post a report here! Make sure to follow the correct format.
    • Staff Reports: Do you feel that a staff is not behaving in a way that best represents SBC standards? Please post a report here and an owner will review it for you shortly! Make sure to follow the correct format.
    • Donation Issues: This section is not used often but if you ever have an issue with a buycraft purchase from our store or have a question about our store this is where you would post it.
    • Moderator Applications: Feel like you have what it takes to become a part of our staff team? Why not apply here! Make sure you meet the requirements found here then fill out this form.
    • Player Appeal: Have you been punished for breaking a rule? Well, thankfully we are pretty forgiving. Feel free to post an appeal form and we will take a look.
    Off-Topic Discussion

    • Introduce Yourself: Welcome to the community, we hope you enjoy your time here! You can introduce yourself to our members here, or learn about some of our members. Make sure to always be safe and do not post any information that you do not feel comfortable with the public knowing (eg. IRL name)​
    • Unrelated Conversation: For pet photos, ranting about school, chatting about a cool new video game this is where the party is at.​

    This guide does not cover all the wonderful features or the forum but we hope this gives you a good foundation to get started interacting with our community! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!​
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