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Rules In-Game Rules

Discussion in 'Rules, Guidelines & Information' started by Cide, May 17, 2018.

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  1. Cide

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    Apr 25, 2018
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    In-Game Rules

    These are the Skyblock City in-game rules, updated since May 2018 - any punishments prior will stay even if the rule you broke has changed. Ensure to follow all of these rules in-game in all chat channels (public/island chat/private messages) otherwise you may be punished by a staff member, depending on the rule broken. These rules may be updated in the future, so ensure to check these rules regularly!
    1. Do not swear; do not bypass the swear filter at all, either to swear in general or towards others. Censoring letters within a swear word is not allowed, however use of certain abbreviations is acceptable.
    2. Do not use racist or derogatory terms; do not use any racist or derogatory terms at all, even if the word has a different meaning.
    3. Do not use sexual terms; do not use any sexual terms at all, even if the word has a different meaning.
    4. Do not spam; do not spam the same/multiple messages for malicious/disruptive intent. This may also include full capitalization, private message spam, spam bots, commands and regular spam.
    5. Do not post inappropriate content; do not message any inappropriate links in chat. This includes pornographic images, ‘screamers’, and any other malicious links.
    6. Do not use threaten or blackmail other users; do not use threats against other members. This may include terroristic, sexual, DDoS or cyber threats.
    7. Do not release personal information; do not release other users personal or sensitive information. This includes a ‘Dox’ on other members.
    8. Do not use inappropriate skins, usernames and builds; do not use any inappropriate skins or usernames that may contain sexual, racial or offensive meaning/terms. This also includes offensive builds.
    9. Do not use inappropriate nicknames; do not use any inappropriate nicknames that may contain sexual, racial or offensive meaning/terms. This includes very long nicknames that are purposely over 12 characters (if your username is past 12 then that is fine but if you link words together such as 'CideIsTheVerySuperBest', that isn't allowed).
    10. Do not disrespect other members or the server; do not act disrespectful to other members, including using offensive terms against them. This includes staff members.
    11. Do not ‘hackusate’; do not accuse other members of hacking. Instead contact a staff member or make a forum report on the user.
    12. No soliciting or advertising; do not advertise anything that is not related to Skyblock City. This includes advertising your social media, videos and anything else that is used to advertise yourself or other servers/ services - you can tell users you are streaming Skyblock City but do not spam about your stream in chat (links are still not allowed but you can say your stream title or your username on said streaming site - Twitch or YouTube). Discord invitation links are not allowed at all (PM each other on Discord). Do not solicit or sell in-game items or features for real life currency (e.g. selling a kit for money on PayPal, etc). You are not allowed to advertise a server IP or the name of a server (e.g. "Come play on" and "Come play on skyblock city" both have the same effect). This affects all channels of chat (like all rules) - PMs, global, island, etc.
    13. Do not use exploits/glitches; do not use any exploitations in anyway. This includes server and external bugs. Report any exploits to a staff member.
    14. Do not use modifications/hacks; do not use any unfair modifications and hacked clients at all. This includes x-ray texture packs, auto-clickers and other hacks/modifications that provide you with an unfair advantage. Do not joke about hacking either, as it may result in continuation of punishment. There is a list of allowed modifications found here.
    15. Do not evade a punishment; do not evade any punishments, including a mute or ban. This may result in an extended punishment, or permanent punishment.
    16. Do not chargeback; do not chargeback any payments or donations made to Skyblock City. Ensure you have parental or guardian consent before purchasing any content on our servers!
    17. Speak English in public chat; do not speak any other language except English in the public chat. Other languages can be used in a private conversation (via /message).
    18. Do not steal; do not steal from an island/members within said island.
    19. Do not grief; do not grief an island. This involves breaking/placing blocks for the intent of griefing.
    20. Do not scam; do not scam other users at all (this involves scamming for store packages).
    21. Do not discuss punishments; you can ask about your own punishments but do not discuss how valid the punishment was (if you were wrongly punished then make a report and an appeal).
    22. Do not argue; do not argue to others at all (this includes arguing about punishments).
    23. Do not TP kill; do not teleport users to you for the purpose of killing them. If you teleport to a user and die that is your fault (for trusting the other person). Do not use your island warps to kill users.
    24. Do not combat log; do not log out in combat (you will be killed if you do however further punishment may be added). If you were not in combat then you haven't logged.
    25. Do not disguise in areas of PvP or log; don't be disguised as anything whilst in areas of PvP. Do not combat log in PvP areas; this includes teleporting away.
    26. Do not impersonate others; don't impersonate as another person (no matter their role, e.g. member, donator, staff, etc).
    27. Do not discuss drugs/substances; don't discuss or reference drugs/abused substances.
    28. Do not ask staff for items; don't 'beg' staff for items. You can still trade with staff and such, but do not pester them to give you items

    These rules are to be followed at all times by all members. Failure to do so may result in punishment, leading to a permanent ban. At Skyblock City we ensure that our community has a friendly ethos.

    If you believe there have been any mistakes or issues with these rules, then please contact a member of staff.

    Have fun!

    ~ Skyblock City; Leadership Team
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