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Reviewed Marketplace Improvements

Discussion in 'Reviewed Feedback & Suggestions' started by Loupique, Oct 10, 2018.

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  1. Loupique

    Loupique New Member

    Aug 15, 2018
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    Foreign Relations and Marketing Administration
    SBC (Skyblock City) has a litany of content to offer one in its store, however, to improve stability and continue growth I have come up with a handful of improvements on pricing within the server's store. For those interested about the topic of this discussion's origins, please visit: I'd like to begin by telling you that I've determined based on previous outcomes (during the sale and without a sale) that there needs to be some changes to the pricing to promulgate more sales. The pricing for most of the content is out of the ordinary and lacks consistency. I'll dive more into this topic further into this presented analogy. This suggestion oration is designated for ranks only. If more context is needed (relative to other marketplace items), I would be more than willing to release another suggestion regarding the "Items & Perks" section.

    *Price in parenthesis after displayed rank is the current price without sale in their store*


    Wanderer ($20.00 USD)- The most important sale is the first rank, it gives people with a lower budget the opportunity to join those who have ranked up already. Not only this, but it provides a door for more sales seeing the discounted price for upgrading throughout the ranks (good move). However, it can be reduced based on its content to increase more sales, this suggested price is an educated one: $11.00 USD. My reasoning is between the perks, commands, and value of the given armor isn't worth $20.00 USD. It's not as good as perceived by those who determined the pricing. If eleven doesn't sound reasonable, I'd understand why, the rewards for wanderer aren't too bad, however, there is an entire month cooldown that nerfs the rank to the highest degree. Eleven is a justified price and could even be lowered to 8 if you discredit the inessentials (such as rank title, chat coloring, and dedicated sever slots).

    Traveler ($50.00 USD)- Another rank priced way over its actual value. Without the first rank, buying this rank head-on for $50.00 is more than just a rip off. This rank's worth is really $17-18 (based on opinion about the tokens distributed) because the perks provided, especially armor and tool quality, aren't worth $50.00. These people don't expect to pay $50.00 for protection 2, unbreaking 1 additives when $50.00 can buy themselves so much more elsewhere. It boggles my mind on the pricing for this rank and needs more context behind its pricing's origins.

    Hunter ($85.00 USD)- This rank needs to either be buffed in content value or nerfed in pricing. Though the island oregen advancement is a nice touch, its contents are at a value all together of $26. Reducing this rank's cost will guarantee more frequent sales than you already are getting without an 85% off sale. This rank is nowhere close to a $85.00 USD value, no /fly perk or silk touch perk is provided and just simply adds small inessentials with an inflated price. Uncalled for.

    Explorer ($175.00 USD)- Explorer can't comprehend its own value. It seems to me like it's the confused rank between cosmetics and usefulness. The elytra boost is a unique additive, but the rest (especially considering armor quality) isn't worth $175.00 and instead should be quoted at roughly $31.00 USD. This is a fair price and will ensure more people wanting to buy it through upgrading in ranks (which means increased sales).

    Adventurer ($300.00 USD)- Unlike the explorer rank's confusion, the adventurer rank is just a pit with every perk you can buy separately thrown in it (when you should spread out those perks into the other ranks increasing value and public desire). I will point out, it is worth significantly more than the others mainly because of that. However, it can also be reduced significantly to $52.00 USD. This rank IS worth $50 and I can see myself and others buying this rank due to its reasonable quote.

    Important Factors

    • Sales increased significantly during sale due to fairer pricing (NOTE: adventurer's price was around $50 during that big sale -- which just so happens to be my suggested pricing)
    • The options for improvements are vast: change pricing for ranks, or increase value of ranks (good luck)
    • Sales reduced dramatically after sale (the majority are tags due to it being cheaper and personalized)
    • The people of SBC deserve fairer pricing on your marketplace, think about their financial situations opposed to your ambitions for higher profits (since you're not losing a ton of money investing in these ranks in the first place)
    • Advertising your server after the ranks are improved should occur to see its full effect
    Final Statement

    Let me reiterate my philosophy in case those don't know, I'm not here to be your friend, I'm here to help you and myself in the process. My feelings are separated from my promulgated semantics. Of course I respect the support for my statements, and honor the disagreements those have with my own. However, I am responsible for what I say, not what others preach. Please do not associate me in any undesired drama and refrain from public denouncing (it's both uncalled for and unneeded). Thank you for your time and consideration, have a good one.

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
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  2. Daycelo

    Daycelo Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Moderator

    May 12, 2018
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    Senior Moderator
    Hello Loupique,
    Thank you for posting this suggestion, this thread will be marked as reviewed and your suggestion will be passed onto the administration/+ team. Please note, that your suggestion may not suit the server at this time and therefore may be denied in the future stages of approval by the administration/+ team. If you have any future questions feel free to send me a message!

    Best of luck,
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