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Denied Moderator Application (2)

Discussion in 'Denied Moderator Applications' started by TheAwesome4th, Nov 4, 2018.

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  1. TheAwesome4th

    TheAwesome4th New Member

    Sep 25, 2018
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    New York
    Applicant Questions

    Minecraft Username:
    Ensure to provide your full Minecraft username correctly; we will check your in-game statistics, logs, and more.

    Discord Username:
    Include your full Discord ID, by providing the final digits after your username (e.g. Cide#0001).

    How old you are currently, in years (provide an exact age).

    Which country are you from/currently in?
    The United States (USA)
    What is your timezone? (If you are between multiple timezones, please state them, along with the frequency you are in each timezone)

    What language(s) do you fluently speak? Are you learning any new languages?
    I can speak English fluently and i'm learning Chinese at the moment.

    General Questions

    Your skills:
    What are your strengths and weaknesses? This doesn't have to be too personal, but anything that could affect your abilities within the staff team.
    Well, I'm good at helping people when they are being difficult to manage, but I lose my cool after a while. However, I really don't lose my cool if it's something that doesn't really irritate me. However, when people start to do things like preventing me from helping them, then I take matters into my own hands. This only happens around once every month, so i'm confident nothing will happen that will bring me over the top. Also, i'm decently good at building and dealing with people who have thoughts of things like suicide or self harm. I had this one kid in my class last year who was always mentally unstable. I was always by his side to calm him down and to help him comprehend anything that was happening near him. It turned out that he would need help for another three years. I stayed with him for the entire three years, graduating from elementary school with him. I happened to be in the same junior high school as him, but I had to transfer later on in the year. He told me before I left that I was a great help for him, and that I was the reason he wasn't registered as a mental person, which he would hate. Whenever he needed help with his work, I helped him, even if I barely understood myself. I guess this would be helpful if any person in the chat started sharing how they felt bad about themselves or thinking of self harm.

    So, I guess my skills could help players who just want to be able to talk to somebody. I could be their confidant or just be someone that would listen to them. In the past, I've realized that many people feel better when they can just talk to someone. I can tell when someone isn't feeling their best, even though I can't see them in real life. It's based on how they speak, or in this case, chat, and how they act. I guess I could try to ask them if they were okay, and if they wanted to talk in messages. I guess my ability to help others would be able to help people with questions or building. I've got enough time in the server, so I could help players build a small house or perhaps even a mansion. However, if in one case that I have two requests at once, I'll try to give the second person the least waiting time by hurrying up on the first player's request or by asking the player who has a larger project to give me a few minutes. Well, I guess this is introducing another idea, but I can also tell the difference between a hacker, a laggy person, or someone who's taking advantage of something like mouse sensitivity. Not that anybody WOULD hack on a skyblock server, but if they did, I could identify it pretty easily.

    Also, I can type decently fast. I get an average of ~80WPM. I guess this could help to respond faster to reports or people that are spamming, so that I can make the rules clear or punish them faster. This can also help in a situation where there’s an argument and I need to intervene. When a situation like that happens, every second matters to prevent punishments being given.

    Why should we choose you?:
    What makes you stand out when compared to other applicants? What can you bring to the community? What contribution(s) have you made so far? Etc.
    Well, I guess my loyalty is something. Whenever I am given a role on any server, whether it's just to be a player or to help others, I stick to it. Not to mention, I can multitask pretty easily. Uh, I guess I can bring a staff member that will be on for most people (Just like the other staff) and help them out. The real only contribution I've made so far is small. I've helped some players in the chat and with building things, but even a small contribution is worth the feeling of satisfaction. You should also choose me because recently, i've been trying to help people as much as I can, whether it be answering a question or just helping them build something. I've been sharing information with others since around a week after I joined. I may have only joined a month ago, but not all people take long to learn the ways. If everyone tried, I bet everybody could help others within two weeks of joining. Also, I usually communicate well with other people in the chat. I also do what I deem is needed at times. This one time, one player was mentioning genitalia in the chat. In response, I asked them to stop. Since there were no staff online, I went onto discord and notified Ashley. She came within five minutes and was able to handle the situation.

    Previous experience:
    Have you been a moderator on another community in the past? Ensure not to provide any IPs, but mentioning server names is allowed.
    Uh, I guess I've been a moderator in a Roblox community before. I was an admin in a community with ~200K players and I helped against exploiters and rule breakers? Other than that, I can't really think of anything else. Deeper into the subject, most of the players would play and contribute. It was more of a roleplay community based on a decently popular game that's sold on Steam (Papers, Please.) There was always that one player on every server that would either break the rules or exploit, in which I would always kick before I banned them. Basically, it would go something like this. I would get a report or suspect them of breaking the rules or exploiting. Then, I would either make myself invisible to gather evidence or gather evidence while being a visible user. I just nicked myself. Either I would gather evidence and punish them or I would conclude that they were innocent. If they WERE breaking the rules, I would kick them and see if they would relog. If they did relog, I would enter their server and see what they were doing. If they were still doing what I kicked them for, I would confront them. If they refused to stop or just refused to be confronted, I would contact my higher-ups for permission to ban them, and then ban them. Later on, I was promoted several times, so I no longer needed permission to ban people.

    Are you currently a staff member on other communities?:
    Explain if you are a staff member on other communities (not providing any IPs of course). These communities don't have to be just inside Minecraft, but could span across other games.
    No, not currently. I retired from my old community because I had to focus more on school work. Not to mention, they started getting raided because apparently the players thought that the game was "vulgar" because we had an admissions booth.

    Are you currently in employment or education?:
    Do you currently go to school (get some sort of an education where that be at college, university, etc) and/or do you have a job?
    Yeah, I go to a public school in my state. I could get working papers, but I feel that I wouldn't have enough time for a Part Time job. In my state, you can get working papers once you're in High School. (9th to 12th)

    When would you be able to dedicate time in-game, on our forums and on Discord? Try to provide a time-frame, such as 5pm-9pm weekdays.

    Monday; ~6:00PM EST - ~9PM EST
    Tuesday; ~4:00PM EST - ~9PM EST
    Wednesday; ~4:00PM EST - ~9PM EST
    Thursday; ~4:00PM EST - ~9PM EST
    Friday; ~4:00PM EST - ~9PM EST
    Saturday; ~1:00PM EST - ~10PM EST
    Sunday; Depends on Situation, usually at least six hours.

    Activity on the network:
    What server(s) do you play on our network the most?
    Uh, I play on the Adventure Realm, as that's the only realm at the moment.

    Confirmation Questions

    Do you have a microphone? This is REQUIRED:
    Do you have a microphone that you can easily access to communicate verbally with others?
    Yeah, I have a microphone to use.

    Can you record proof?:
    Are you able to record and provide proof of users breaking rules, if necessary?
    My OBS is indeed laggy, but not unusable. I can indeed record evidence of rule breakers, but you'll be getting maybe 5FPS

    Do you accept not to contact staff about your application?:
    Do you accept not to ask a staff member to review or read your application?
    Indeed. Bugging staff will just decrease your chance of passing.

    Extra Questions

    About yourself (optional):
    Is there anything you would like to share about yourself? This doesn't have to be too personal, but we would love to know about the potential members within our staff team (what they enjoy, what they dislike, etc).
    Uh, I enjoy card games and socializing with other players. However, I dislike people who think that the earth revolves around them. They're grouped in with the other group of people who think that other people are their minions. They don't have the right to order others around.
  2. WiseGuy_

    WiseGuy_ Member

    Sep 4, 2018
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    A school Boy /Community member of Skyblock City
    United Kingdom
    hey Awesomse

    Application Looks Great
    Good Luck!

    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
  3. Diamondeath

    Diamondeath Member

    Sep 1, 2018
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    Greensburg, PA, USA
    Hey Man!

    This application is awesome!
    I think you would do a great job as a staff member!
    Best of luck.

    -Diamondeath the Diamond Enthusiast :D
  4. Lauren_Lawson

    Lauren_Lawson Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    May 13, 2018
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    This application is very good and does meet our requirements. After reviewing your chat logs and general activity it was found that you seem to be in a habit of calling out the moderators who are in vanish, something which is not appreciated even if it is just a joke. The senior team feel like we would like to see you show you are mature enough for a potential position on the team so I will be denying your application at this time.

    Of course, we would like you to re-apply in two weeks and will be monitoring how you do maturity wise over these two weeks.

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