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Announcement Skyblock City - The Adventure Starts

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Cide, May 28, 2018.

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    Apr 25, 2018
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    Hello everybody,

    Myself and Mineh welcome you to the official Skyblock City website and to the community overall. This is a brand new skyblock network that has just released, with a lot to give the community we will be forming together. We currently have a 45% off sale to celebrate the release of the network so ensure to take advantage of that whilst you can! Below I’ll introduce what ‘Skyblock City’ is as well as our intentions for the future.

    Skyblock City is a network dedicated to the skyblock gamemode with our first realm being ‘Adventure’! In the future we will be providing the network even further realms with a large variety of themes, features and customized content. Future themes would be powered greatly by you, the community; suggestions are highly appreciated and something we value at all times.

    The ‘Adventure Realm’ is our first realm to be released on the network, providing custom features and content relating to a ‘mythical’ and ‘adventure’ theme. Not only have we provided this realm with a great amount of features that are enjoyable yet useful, but we have built upon the classic skyblock experience greatly to allow any kind of member to join the server and play with a refreshing experience!

    Not only does the adventure realm have a large variety of features and content but the network as a whole has been optimized to handle large player counts and intense actions. This allows the creation and long-term use of large farms and flawless gameplay!

    In a further below section I will explain the exact features released within the adventure realm. If you are interested in what you are able to do then I suggest taking the time to read this section below (‘Adventure Realm - Content & Features’).

    There are many ways to show your support for the server, such as voting daily for rewards, donating for high-tier perks and more! Donations go towards the upkeep and development of the network, including the implementation of new features and realms. As said previously, suggestions are highly appreciated and something we always consider when creating new content or editing features.


    Adventure Realm - Content & Features:

    Custom Skyblock; with our version of skyblock we have a visible border system (/isborder), extremely useful for identifying the corners and sides of your island area. You can expand your island from the default size (150x150) to a maximum of 500x500 by donating on our webstore (purchasing a rank or island expansions). To view island options use /is, to view block values (levels) use /values.

    Custom Enchantments; we have an extremely large array of custom features, especially with our custom enchantments feature (enchantment stars). This includes over 100 tier specific enchantments with a variety of custom effects to help you in pvp or at your island. You can purchase these enchantments by using /enchanter.

    Tinkerer; the tinkerer is a trader that you are able to sell enchanted items and enchantment stars to. In return the tinkerer will give you mystery dust and/or XP. With mystery dust you could discover failed dust (no special properties) or magic dust. Magic dust will increase the success rate of an enchantment star, whilst decreasing the destruction rate. You can trade with the tinkerer by using /tinkerer.

    Alchemist; the alchemist specialises in the magical combination of dusts and enchantment stars. You can put two magic dusts together to form a higher success rate, and you can combine two stars of the same enchantment and level to form a higher level of said enchantment. You can use the alchemist by using /alchemist.

    Custom Items; there are many rare items such as protection orbs (protects your items from destruction rates), black scrolls (removes a random enchantment on an item whilst providing it with a 95% success rate), +1 enchantment orbs (increases the enchantment limit on a specific item by 1), randomizer scrolls (randomly changes the rates of an enchantment star), rename scroll (allows you to customly rename an item), kill tracker scrolls (will track the amount of kills with an item), tracker scrolls (will track how many blocks you have broken with a tool) and a treasure summon spell (will summon treasure to fall from the sky at /warp pvp). Some of these items are obtainable through our webstore.

    Mines; want to get minerals fast? Check out our mine system! You can start of at the mythical mine to get basic ores whilst battling low tier mobs. To get to more rewarding mines you are able to purchase temporary tickets to a mine (primal and cave mines) however there will be harder mobs to fight off! Every hour there will be a boss at each mine that you can slay for XP and enchantment stars. You can access the mines by using /mines.

    Dungeons; you can fight mobs in a challenging ‘mini-game’ called ‘Dungeons’. Upon release there is one dungeon available to join with a maximum of 4 users per game. To complete a dungeon you will have to defeat various mobs in 50 rounds (with multiple special rounds such as boss rounds). You will be able to choose one of three kits to use for the dungeon game (future kits will be added for purchase with a dungeon coin currency). If you complete all 50 rounds then you will be awarded a rare dungeon key that you can use at /warp crates. To join a dungeon (if available) use /dungeons.

    Quest Scrolls; along with our achievements system we also have a similar feature called quests. You are able to purchase a quest scroll from the scroll merchant for 2,500 XP. With this quest scroll you will be given a random scroll tier (common, rare or legendary) with various objectives to complete. After completing all objectives you will be rewarded with various items (the higher the tier the higher quantity and rarity the items will be). You can purchase mystery quest scrolls using /quests.

    Bosses; in addition to the hourly mine bosses you can also fight ‘EXODIA’! Exodia is an extremely strong force on this realm and will require a lot of bloodshed to slay this godly being. Exodia will be summoned at /warp pvp every 8 hours and will drop high tier rewards when slayen.

    Crate Keys; voting daily (3 times a day) will give you 3 vote keys. These can be used at /warp crates in return for various rewards. There are 3 donation tier crates (mythical, elemental and guardian) available for purchase on our webstore with better rewards! There is a dungeon crate too, with the key only being obtainable after beating a dungeon completely (currently wave 50). You can view the rewards and percentages of each crate by left-clicking them.

    Achievements; this is our take on the well known ‘challenges’ feature. You’re able to complete many achievements and reach milestones with your progression on the server. You are able to access your achievements via /achievements.

    Player Market/Stalls; want to sell rare items to other members but nobody goes to your island? Hire a stall at the market! You can purchase one stall at a time lasting a whole week where you can sell items through sign shops. To go to the market to either buy or sell items use /warp market.

    Upgradable Generator (Oregen); by default you will begin with access to a normal cobble generator, however, as you level up your island (via /is level) you will begin to generate ores within your generator. The different levels you will generate ores can be viewed within /oregen. Furthermore, you can increase the percentages of ores that spawn within your generator by purchasing the ‘Advanced Oregen’ perk on our webstore.

    Rank Treasure; with donation ranks (bought from our webstore) you also have access to monthly treasure(s)! Each rank has a treasure chest with various items (free crate keys, money, XP, etc) and you are also able to claim ranked treasure below your current donation rank (e.g. Traveller could claim a Wanderer treasure chest too). You can access your treasure (if you have a donation rank) at the rewards villager at /spawn.

    Minions; we currently have a miner minion available for purchase on our webstore (can be obtained in-game, however, this is extremely rare) that will continuously mine at a cobble/ore generator. You can pick-up and move this minion after being placed, however, minions will place mined items/blocks into a chest after being synced. Different minions will be released in updates in the future!

    Advanced Hoppers; to some a hopper limit of 100 may seem quite low, however, we have optimized hoppers greatly! All hoppers will have upgradable features (left-click a hopper when placed) such as suction, container/hopper sync and distances. You can sync a hopper to directly place items into a chest or another container without being physically linked to said container. You can also link up hoppers if you haven’t upgraded your distance (using in-game money). Hoppers will also pickup crops nearly automatically so ensure to organize your hoppers in a way that won’t interrupt other systems nearby (e.g. a cacti farm and an IG farm). You can purchase hoppers for $7,500 in the redstone category of /shop.

    Fallen Treasure; this feature is more commonly known as ‘envoys’. These are treasure chests that will fall from the sky at /warp pvp every 6 hours and will give you a random yet sometimes rare reward when clicked. You can also use a treasure summon spell to summon a fallen treasure event (purchasable on our webstore).

    Stacking Mobs/Spawners; mobs will automatically stack and will drop a random amount of drops (sometimes extremely high if stacked high). Spawners will also stack increasing the spawn rate of mobs from a spawner. You can purchase spawners within /shop or through our webstore (iron-golems and villagers are exclusive to our webstore currently).

    Vote Parties; we are extremely grateful for the support everybody shows Skyblock City, however, we want to reward everybody for voting and supporting this community. The vote party will be activated when 75 votes have been reached and will give everybody various rewards! The amount of votes left till a VP can be seen on the scoreboard.

    Lockette; a popular feature is lockette aka chest/block protection. You can place a sign on containers, doors and spawners to disallow users breaking them or accessing them (if a container). Type ‘[Private]’ on the first line of a sign to lock a container/spawner.

    Casino/Lottery; there are many ways to make money, including risky methods such as the casino and lottery. There are various mini-games such as rock/paper/scissors (/rps), coinflip (/cf) and jackpot (/jp) where you can bet money with a chance to make profit or lose it all. You can also purchase tickets (/lottery buy [ticket amount], max of 100) for $1000 to enter the lottery which draws every 5 hours. These are risky ways to make money, but can be extremely profitable.

    Withdrawable Currency; a small yet highly popular feature is being able to withdraw your money. This can be done by using /withdraw [amount].

    1.8 Combat; hate the cooldown when trying to attack other players and mobs? Well we’ve disabled 1.12 combat mechanics and brought back 1.8 combat mechanics.

    Daily Rewards; every day you come on the realm you will be able to get some free money and XP! This can be helpful if you’re finding your progression difficult, whilst giving you an extra boost everyday. You can access your daily reward at the rewards villager at /spawn.

    Sign Shops; sign/chest shops are enabled on this server to allow player trading and interaction at its finest. You can either set up a shop on your island or purchase a stall at the market (/warp market). There are various tutorials on how to create a sign/chest shop at the market.

    PvP arena enhancements; along with 1.8 pvp mechanics, we have also ensured combat-logging doesn’t go unpunished! Users who combat log will spawn an NPC that can be killed for the user’s inventory contents - along with that, those who try escape the pvp arena cannot get back into safezone(s) and instead will be blocked from re-entering by a magical force field (seen as glass). To pvp other users go to /warp pvp (inventory loss is enabled here unlike the other warps/worlds).

    Auctions; we want to ensure there is a steady economy within this realm, as well as high player interaction so we added an auction feature. As a default user you will be able to sell 1 item at a time, however, donation ranks will allow you to sell even more at a time. You can view the auction menu by using /auctions.

    Disabled Recipes; hoppers and beacons will not be craftable in-game! You can obtain hoppers through crates and the /shop ($7,500) which are worth 0.25 levels each. You can obtain beacons through crates, which are extremely rare due to their worth being 100 levels.

    Tags; in chat you can activate an available tag. Most tags are available for purchase on our webstore, however, some tags can be obtained in-game through crates or future events. View and/or activate your tags by using /tags.

    Elevators; you can craft an elevator item by surrounding an ender pearl with the same color of wool in a crafting table. To make an elevator work you have to have two of the same colored elevators and have them vertically in the same position within 20 blocks. You can them press spacebar to go up a level and shift to go down a level. You can also purchase elevators within the redstone category of /shop.

    Heads Menu; want to decorate your island with heads? Well you have access to purchase over 14,000 decorative heads! These can be used to design your island (with a limit of 50 per island), and purchasable for only $200 each. You can purchase heads by using /heads.

    Disguises; want to turn into a mob? Well you can disguise as them for fun or to troll your friends! This is a donation perk available to donation ranks. Use /disguise if you have a donation rank.

    Treasure (Money); you can obtain money from treasure chests, available in 3 different tiers with the random amount of money getting higher. These are currently available in certain kits, crates and other various methods!

    Vouchers; within crates you can win rank and random tag vouchers. These will be placed into your inventory if won (extremely rare) and can be claimed by yourself or others (a rare item to possibly sell in-game).

    Pets; pets are obtainable through donation ranks, however, your buddy is very customizable. Certain donation ranks can choose a block or head as a pet, enabling particles, changing the name of said pet (with color codes), throwing the pet, riding the pet, and wearing it as a hat. There is a lot to choose from with these pets! To customize your pet use /pet (if you have access to a pet).

    Vaults; this is a private 54 slot storage system available for donation ranks. A vault is a private menu to store items safely, with some donation ranks getting up to 5 vaults (270 slots). You can access your vaults by using /vaults (if you have a donation rank).

    Trading; although stealing is against our rules, some users may continue to do it. However, we have a safe system where you can trade with another user without the risk of losing items (you see what you get). You can trade with another user by using /trade [user].

    Sell Wands; having a large farm can be a hassle to sell for, however, we have sell wands that can be used to sell the contents of the chest to the /shop automatically! These wands are obtainable in donation rank kits and through our webstore (with a certain amount of uses). You can buy a permanent use sell wand on our webstore.

    Silk Spawners; placed a spawner but want to pick it up? Well you can pick spawners up if you have silk touch! This is a donation rank perk and can be purchased separately on our webstore.

    Advanced Elytra; this is a donation perk that allows you to launch in the sky with an elytra by wearing an elytra and holding shift for 3 seconds to charge-up your boost.

    Trails; along with pet trails there are also player trails! These are available for donation ranks and can provide a lot of customizations including particle, block, item and wing-shaped trails!

    Token Shop; you can obtain tokens from voting and donating for a rank from our webstore. Tokens are a global currency used amongst realms on rare items (such as donation ranks) with the /token shop!

    Chat Features; within chat we allow various features such as the ability to change your chat color as well as display items in your hand in the global chat. These features are only available to certain donation ranks. You can find out more on our webstore.

    Chat Mini-games; within the public chat there is a ‘speed typer’ mini-game where you can type a word or unscramble a word the fastest for small rewards. This is a fun yet competitive feature.

    Optimizations; there are multiple optimizations we have on this realm, including a limit on certain items on your island (such as 100 hoppers per island). Along with this we also have an item remover to get rid of useless entities regularly. There are multiple other optimizations back-end.

    What’s Next?
    We have a ton of plans for Skyblock City and the adventure realm! This is our ‘OG’ realm and it’s only getting better from here. We will be starting events within the first half of next month, starting monthly crates and creating content for our first official update. We want to ensure we’re adding things that you all want so ensure to create a suggestion thread if you have any ideas you want to see implemented. We will also be recruiting moderators so feel free to apply if you can upkeep the role and meet our requirements/standards!

    Moderator Application Format┃
    Moderator Requirements┃
    Suggestions Forum┃

    We provide many methods of support, including our forums, Discord and via email. If you need help then create a thread within the correct area on our forums, however, Discord would be a more direct method to contact a staff member. Payment issues can also be sent to either myself or Mineh or emailed to Below will be some useful links:

    Thank you for reading this lengthy announcement and tutorial thread. We’re extremely excited for the future of Skyblock City and appreciate all of the support in the little time it has been released for.

    ~ Skyblock City, Cide & Mineh
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