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Format Moderator Application Format

Discussion in 'Formats' started by Cide, May 13, 2018.

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  1. Cide

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    Apr 25, 2018
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    Moderator Application Format

    If you believe you would like the chance to become a staff member (per realm position), then please read our requirements and agreements (found here). Being a staff member on Skyblock City is a large responsibility and requires you to have a strong understanding of not only our server(s) but a variety of tasks and scenarios on all our services. Moderation would come before the gameplay, so if there was an issue you would be expected to handle that before playing.

    If you are planning on applying for the moderator position on the ADVENTURE realm, then you need to follow our format. If you have been denied, you will have to wait a full two weeks before posting a new application, unless told otherwise by an administrator.

    There are some basic rules to follow when applying, such as no piracy, trolling or inappropriate content (common sense), however, more information can be found within our 'Moderator Requirements' thread. Failure to follow these requirements (e.g. trolling) may get you blacklisted from the application process, and/or network punishments.

    Once you fully understand the requirements, feel free to apply by copying and following the format below, fully. Ensure to copy the questions between the dashed lines (-).


    Applicant Questions

    Minecraft Username:
    Ensure to provide your full Minecraft username correctly; we will check your in-game statistics, logs, and more.

    Discord Username:
    Include your full Discord ID, by providing the final digits after your username (e.g. Cide#0001).

    How old you are currently, in years (provide an exact age).

    Which country are you from/currently in?

    What is your timezone? (If you are between multiple timezones, please state them, along with the frequency you are in each timezone)

    What language(s) do you fluently speak? Are you learning any new languages?

    General Questions

    Your skills:
    What are your strengths and weaknesses? This doesn't have to be too personal, but anything that could affect your abilities within the staff team.

    Why should we choose you?:
    What makes you stand out when compared to other applicants? What can you bring to the community? What contribution(s) have you made so far? Etc.

    Previous experience:
    Have you been a moderator on another community in the past? Ensure not to provide any IPs, but mentioning server names is allowed.

    Are you currently a staff member on other communities?:
    Explain if you are a staff member on other communities (not providing any IPs of course). These communities don't have to be just inside Minecraft, but could span across other games.

    Are you currently in employment or education?:
    Do you currently go to school (get some sort of an education where that be at college, university, etc) and/or do you have a job?

    When would you be able to dedicate time in-game, on our forums and on Discord? Try to provide a time-frame, such as 5pm-9pm weekdays.

    Activity on the network:
    What server(s) do you play on our network the most?

    Confirmation Questions

    Do you have a microphone? This is REQUIRED:
    Do you have a microphone that you can easily access to communicate verbally with others?

    Can you record proof?:
    Are you able to record and provide proof of users breaking rules, if necessary?

    Do you accept not to contact staff about your application?:
    Do you accept not to ask a staff member to review or read your application?

    Extra Questions

    About yourself (optional):
    Is there anything you would like to share about yourself? This doesn't have to be too personal, but we would love to know about the potential members within our staff team (what they enjoy, what they dislike, etc).

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